We consider ourselves a professional Agency of Garment Sourcing from Bangladesh. We believe that the business we are in requires an Innovative and Efficient approach of garment sourcing to meet the Apparel Industry target of Cost, Quality and Lead Time.

What we do


We are professional Garment Buying House providing Garment Sourcing, Quality Control and Inspection Services for established Buyers all over the world.

Supplier Management

Inovic is independent, collaborative and neutral, working with Buyers and Suppliers to create solutions and processes that enable efficient procurement activities .

Liaison with Stakeholders

We work closely with Buyer to ensure communication of in country variables like Calendar of cultural and other events (key festivals, fasting months etc.)

Support Buying Team

Build “Concept to Customer" timeline for spring/summer and autumn/winter development and advise best time and frequency of travel

Our Vision

To become the most successful, respected and innovative Garment Sourcing Agency in Bangladesh

Our Mission

At INOVIC Sourcing Ltd. we believe in creating a differentiated customer service experience for all of our Buyers and become a dominant Sourcing Agency by providing by Fastest Customer Responsiveness, Lowest Cost, Best Quality for the Money, High Speed Product & Service Development, High Productivity, Flexible Capacity with Optimized Resources and Excellent Value for all…Customers, Owners, Employees and Suppliers.
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